About Us

We strongly believe every company deserves better sales

We are a team on a mission

Created in 2015, Proposeo is a team of 2. One loves new technologies and business, the other is a fan of web development.

They put their skills together to build a new service, focused on helping sales teams perform better at their daily job, one proposal at a time.
Proposeo allows sales team to consolidate their efforts, with beautiful standardized templates, meaningful to their customers. This means better productivity for the team, and a better experience for the customer.

All this starting from a strong belief: every company deserves better sales.

Technology is here to help us have an impact on the world

Proposeo is built on top of the Laravel ecosystem, and hosted on DigitalOcean cloud services.

Our drag'n'drop editor allows for simple interractions with the tool, to create impactful documents.

Last but not least, we think technology can help us provide even better tools. That's why we are working various innovative solutions, like electronic signature to prevent wasting time and paper, or artificial intelligence to help build better sales pitches.